Shekhar Suman’s son battled suicidal thoughts after facing discrimination in Bollywood

Shekhar Suman lately revealed that his son, Adhyayan Suman, has been triggered by the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. 

Talking in regards to the younger actor’s demise, Shekhar revealed that Adhyayan additionally had suicidal thoughts due to Hindi movie trade’s unfair remedy in direction of him.  

In a chat with Mumbai Miror, Shekhar stated, “Sushant was like a son to me. I can understand his father’s pain. This is because just like him, my son Adhyayan too has suffered depression and has gone through a similar phase. The film industry created several hurdles for him. Once, he even told me that he was having suicidal thoughts.”

Shekhar went on to disclose that as a father he was terrified of his son taking drastic measures, so he determined to be by his aspect on a regular basis. 

“It was difficult for us to get my son out of that bad phase of his life. But now, after Sushant’s death, I am scared and worried once again,” Shekhar stated. 

Shekhar recalled the darkish days his son suffered from, stating that at instances he would peek into his room at four am to solely discover him staring on the ceiling. 

He added that he didn’t hand over and stood robust by Adhyayan’s aspect.

Earlier, Shekhar had demanded a CBI probe into Sushant’s surprising loss of life. He wrote, “#justiceforSushantforum Dearest Sushant,the country is with you,the ppl are with you.we are all seeking justice for you and justice will be done.we will miss you till eternity.#CBIEnquiryForSushant.” 

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