Radhika Apte touches upon COVID-19’s impact on the livelihood of migrant workers

Radhika Apte touches upon COVID-19’s impact on the livelihood of migrant workers

Amid the roaring pandemic, Radhika Apte has been spending her days in her London dwelling and with all of the free time she has discovered herself with, claims it’s the ‘longest break’ she has ever gotten in quite a few years.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, Radhika started by saying “Just to have a routine was a normal thing. But, in this period, I ate well, exercised, tried to write and watch, and did nothing, without any pressure of having to be at any place. All these have been really good things. But, there have been too many bad things, too.”

She additionally added how “that was just a small fraction of it. The consequences it has had on the economy is one thing, but just people and their livelihood — the situation of migrant workers is horrible in India.”

Pondering over this new regular the star claims, “It’s beyond horrible, the food in the trains (in which migrants are travelling). It makes you think was corona better than this, at some point.”

“It’s way better than in India. They let us go out for a while, we can meet friends in an open space. The weather is great too, and the markets are going to open now.”

In regards to how she is coping with COVID-19 Radhika admits, “To be honest, (I belong) to one of the most privileged classes. I have a house, enough money in the bank, things to eat and my family has been well. There are no monetary or health issues. Of course, I’ve lost work and money, too, but that’s nothing compared (to the grim situation). Personally, I’ve had far more to learn from it.”

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