‘Pillow Dress’ challenge brings out your inner fashion diva!

Instagram/HollyAnna Ramsay (@hollyramsayy)/via The News

The ‘Pillow Dress’ challenge on the Internet is the latest trend birthed out of boredom during the coronavirus lockdown. Obviously, if you are caged inside your home and have nothing to do, what else can you produce except new challenges for the social media?

After the Dalgona coffee and the ‘Don’t Rush,’ ‘Pillow Dress’ challenge allows you to take a break from the indecisiveness while going through the wardrobe and, instead, wear your … well, pillow. With belts and accessories, of course!

Yes! With no sewing, whisking or stitching, a red-carpet dress is prepared just by cinching a pillow around a belt.

After Instagram, the challenge has now sent Twitter into a frenzy where people are tweeting their innovative dresses while challenging others to do the same.

With currently over 130,000 posts using the hashtag, the challenge was introduced in the beginning of April and took the Internet by storm where women from around the world are wearing their beloved pillows as a dress.

That’s not all!

Women are also accessorising the pillow dress with broad belts, handbags, heels, and statement jewelry, Etimes reported.

Most of the Instagram users are taking up the challenge with the “I’m bored in the house, I’m in the house bored” song playing as their background score.

You too can do the challenge with multiple pillows and friends — or maybe with a pet. All you need is an aesthetic fashion sense and a patient photographer.

The challenge sends a message out loud: Are you short of clothes during quarantine? Dress up with a pillow and bedsheets while experimenting your fashion sense with minimalism.


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