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‘Undeserving’ Prince Harry might lose navy titles as Queen needs ‘working royal’



'Undeserving' Prince Harry could lose military titles as Queen wants 'working royal'

Prince Harry could possibly be shedding his navy titles as a result of the Queen believes that he’s “undeserving”. 

In accordance with a royal knowledgeable, the Queen “doesn’t think Harry deserves them while he is AWOL in California,” and that “Harry can’t have it both ways”.

“These titles are very dear to his heart,” the knowledgeable mentioned.

“He’s about to be stripped of them as a result of the Queen would not suppose he deserves them whereas he’s AWOL in California and never fulfilling full royal duties.

The knowledgeable added that Harry will go to Britain in hopes of retaining his title nevertheless, the state of affairs appears to tip into the Queen’s favour.

“He is determined to keep them, he is coming over to Britain. Who is going to win that battle?”

“The Queen will win the battle. These are three honorary titles. No-one is suggesting to remove award or rank that he earned in his service, by no means.

“These titles signify the Queen. The one linked to the Marines has been held by kings and Prince Phillip.

“Harry can’t have it both ways. He can’t say, ‘I don’t want to be a member of the royal family but I still want to retain these titles and represent the Queen’. It doesn’t work that way. Yet again, it is another example of Harry throwing his toys out of the pram over these titles.”

The knowledgeable continued to again the Queen, saying that she wants somebody to carry the title who’s actively a part of the royal household.

“They are bestowed by the Queen, and she wants a working royal – not someone who is sitting in sunny California making money out of Netflix and Spotify.”

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