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The key to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s profitable marriage



The secret to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's successful marriage

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been nearer than ever with over two years having handed since they tied the knot. 

Chatting with Elle in an interview, the Baywatch actor, 38, revealed how the couple’s ‘marriage pact’ retains them glued collectively.

Nick and Priyanka’s marriage pact requires the 2 to by no means go over three weeks with out seeing one another after they’re each busy travelling around the globe for work.

An insider instructed  HollywoodLife about how the actor wished to ensure the world knew about their pact to assist different {couples} maintain their love alive.

“Priyanka felt it was important to reveal the secret to the success of her and Nick‘s marriage,” stated the supply.

“She knows it can be easy for fans and onlookers to view their relationship as perfect from the outside. And while Priyanka and Nick are both incredibly successful individuals, they’re also both equally as busy which has them constantly traveling so they can’t always be together,” added the supply.

“They knew what they signed up for when they started dating and it takes a lot of work to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. But one of the reasons they’re able to do so and are still head over heels in love is because they put the work in and making the pact to always see each other keeps them connected,” they continued.

“Priyanka wanted to let people know that it doesn’t just happen. You have to put work in and just because people are celebrities, that doesn’t mean they’re any different and they have to make the effort like everybody else,” she stated.

One other insider instructed the outlet: “Nick and Priyanka are both back at work. She’s in London [shooting Citadel] and Nick is in Los Angeles [shooting The Voice] so right now they are having to endure some time apart, which is tough. They didn’t even get to spend Valentine’s Day together this year.”

“But Nick did fill her hotel suite with roses so he still managed to make it romantic. He is always doing sweet things for her no matter how far away she is. He’ll randomly have flowers or her favorite chocolates waiting for her in her room when she gets back from shooting, that kind of thing,” they continued.

“And no matter what they always talk before she falls asleep. Even with the huge time difference he’ll stop whatever he’s doing to get on with her so they can say goodnight. He puts the effort in all the time to continually make her feel like the most loved girl. She feels incredibly lucky to have married a man like him,” they added.

Chatting with HollywoodLife, a 3rd insider stated: “It is important to Nick to be married once. It is important to Nick to give Priyanka everything she has ever wanted in a man. They are so much in love and they are looking to start a family this year, they keep talking about it.”

Relating to their plans to start out a household, the grapevine stated: “They are busy with work, so they want to time it all right on that front but when it comes to all other aspects of their relationship, it is in a word spectacular,” the insider stated. “They are really a vibe unto themselves, it is quite the site to behold with the love they have for each other,” they added. 

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