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Taylor Swift releases two extra remixes of her newest single ‘Willow’ following ‘Dancing Witch’



Taylor Swift releases two more remixes of her latest single ‘Willow’ following 'Dancing Witch'

US singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has dropped two extra remixes of her newest single ‘Willow’, following the discharge of ‘Dancing Witch’ model over the weekend

Dubbed the ‘Lonely Witch’ and ‘Moonlit Witch’, the brand new variations have been launched on Tuesday morning and the night respectively.

The new variations of the ‘Willow’ comply with the discharge of its first reimagining, ‘Dancing Witch’, launched on the Taylor’s thirty first birthday on December 13.

“Ever find yourself waiting for the signal & meeting someone after dark & happening upon a majestic coven in the woods? Me neither but do you want your to make you FEEL like that? Then the “willow moonlit witch version” is for you,” she stated on Instagram in regards to the Moonlit Witch.

“Witches be like “Sometimes I just want to listen to music while pining away/sulking/staring out a window.” It’s me. I’m witches. Never concern, the “willow lonely witch remix” is right here,” the ‘Folklore’ hitmaker stated for ‘Lonely Witch’.

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