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Taapsee Pannu touches on her rising confidence: ‘I don’t have any skeletons right here’



Taapsee Pannu touches on her growing confidence: ‘I don’t have any skeletons here’

Actor Taapsee Pannu lately make clear her confidence and the sheer degree of honesty it takes retain her confidence and fearlessness in a world dominated by concern and trolls.

The star touched upon this seemingly ‘critical’ viewpoint concerning harsh feedback and web trolls throughout an interview with the Instances of India.

There she was quoted saying, “I have been like this all my life. When you start from scratch and build everything, including this impression people have of me, over a period of time with hard work, and not by fluke, you don’t have to make an extra effort to protect it.”

“By now, people can see this is who I am; it’s not a facade. I don’t have skeletons in my cupboard. My honesty gives me the confidence to be fearless. Apart from my work, I’m a little lazy about other things, which is one of the reasons I can’t lie.”

“It takes a lot of effort to cover up a lie with more lies. It’s better to say what you feel, but not at the cost of hurting others. Even if someone is targeting me in a certain tone, I don’t feel the need to respond to the person in the same manner. What’s the difference between us, then? I like to look at life in a simple, peaceful way. I will call out what is wrong, but without pointing fingers at individuals.”

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