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Selena Gomez sparks well being issues after followers spot alarming clue



Selena Gomez sparks health concerns after fans spot alarming clue

Singing sensation Selena Gomez left her followers alarmed after she was noticed lately with a tube in her arm.

During a dwell Instagram session with Timothée Chalamet, some observant followers seen what appeared to an IV tube in her arm which immediately sparked frenzy as many apprehensive about her well being.

Screen grabs of the mysterious medical gear began making rounds on social media and followers fervently prayed for the singer’s well being.

“Praying for selena’s health and i really hope she’s doing well. I cant imagine what it is like to live with such a terrible autoimmune disease. sending you so much love and hugs [Selena Gomez],” wrote one fan.

“It’s the fact that selena said she wanted to vote in person and couldn’t ‘for certain reasons’ and then we see she’s being medicated for lupus in her room,” mentioned one other.

While she has but to verify what her medical situation is, she had earlier opened up about her wrestle with lupus which was recognized in 2015. She underwent a kidney transplant later in 2017.

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