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Ruby Rose spills the beans on taking part in Batwoman and her ‘crush’ Rosie Huntington Whiteley



Ruby Rose spills the beans on playing Batwoman and her ‘crush’ Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Ruby Rose lately joined a candid and uncooked interview the place she dished over her man crush Jason Statham and his longtime associate Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

On the SiriusXM’s The Jason Ellis Show, Rose started by admitting, “He’s hot, and maybe it would have been tough if I was given the chance to only work with Jason, but the thing is he brought his wife, Rosie Huntington, and I’m just saying the distraction was elsewhere.” I imply “Have you seen her?!”

While Rose did confer with Rosie Huntington Whiteley as Jason’s spouse, there have been no official reviews in regards to the duo ever tying the knot.

During the course of her interview, Rose additionally touched upon her quite abrupt go away from the Batwoman set and attributed it to the rising pandemic on the time.

She was quoted saying, “I think what played a bigger part was more, we got shut down early. We didn’t get to finish the first season, which is such a shame, especially for a first season show…and then we went into lockdown with COVID and thinking of quarantine and locked down, there was a lot of thought and reflection and kind of everyone did it.”

“You know, we all kind of thought about where we’re at… we were discussing the show and we had a conversation and, you know, I had a great time on Batwoman. I am so proud of what we achieved.”

She concluded by saying, “We set out to achieve something pretty significant, you know, the first-ever live-action Batwoman and the first-ever, you know, out gay superhero, her and Kate Kane.”

“And I love that character and the whole experience, but we did have a discussion and we sort of mutually agreed that probably what was best for the show, um, at the time was they go in a different direction and I go in a different direction.”

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