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Royal nannies instructed to not say this ‘disrespectful’ phrase to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis



Royal nannies told to not say this 'disrespectful' word to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis

Royal nannies who work for the royal household are educated to not say a sure phrase round kids.

“There’s a report going around this week that there is one word that is banned for the nannies that work for the Royal Family,” the Us Weekly Royally Us podcast host stated.

Apparently, the nannies will not be allowed to say the phrase ‘children’ in entrance of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

“This is so funny – they’re not allowed to say the word ‘kids’. It just seems like such an odd thing to ban.”

Whereas the royal household has no problem with the phrase, it seems that that is one thing which the nannies study throughout their time in coaching.

“It’s not banned by the Royal Family, just to be clear. It’s something that happens in the nanny training. There’s a very prestigious nanny boot camp that they go to.”

The phrase supposedly is disrespecting of the royal kids.

“They study to not say ‘children’ as a result of they must be respecting the kids as people.

“I think they might be overthinking that one a little bit.”

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