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Riz Ahmed on his British-Pakistani diasporic expertise reflecting on his music



Riz Ahmed on his British-Pakistani diasporic experience reflecting on his music

Hollywood megastar Riz Ahmed opened up about relating his South Asian roots for his second studio album, The Lengthy Goodbye.

Throughout a chat with Conflict, the Golden Globe nominated actor, 38, spoke in regards to the component of British-Pakistani diasporic expertise being hinted by his music by integration of Qawwali.

“I’ve always been inspired by Sufi poetry and Qawwali, which is essentially a love song: it’s about a lover, it’s about heartbreak, it’s about God. I wanted to incorporate and mirror those feelings, as if we’re going through a very long, painful break-up with our country,” he shared.

“If it feels like a straightforward process it’s because of years moulding a sound. It’s not just about taking rap and taking South Asian pop music: it’s about going beyond that to devotional traditions, to folk music, exploring the percussion and different time signatures in that: melding that with drum and bass, making something that is hard to pinpoint,” he stated.

“Take the track ‘Fast Lava’, what is it? It’s merging hardcore, jungle and footwork with Baloch drumming. There’s layers there and that has taken time to refine,” he added.

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