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Queen Elizabeth ‘quietly’ supporting ‘disgraced’ son Prince Andrew



Queen Elizabeth ‘quietly’ supporting ‘disgraced’ son Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is leaving no stone unturned to scrub the mess that was created as his world reputation got here crashing down.

According to the newest intel, the Duke of York is plotting his return to the royal duties by subsequent 12 months as he tries to “reframe” his function and finds a option to eliminate the stain of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Reports have revealed that some members of the royal household together with Queen Elizabeth II herself, are quietly lending help to Andrew whereas he at the moment tries to avoid the highlight.

A senior royal aide was cited in a report by The Sunday Times, revealing that discuss Andrew’s royal function had been held within the Palace.

The aide additional added that his return to royal duties seems to be unlikely because the sovereign, Prince Charles, Prince William, officers of the palace in addition to the federal government must positively sign a job within the public’s notion.

“There are family discussions about it. But while the hurdles around the Epstein case are still hanging over him, it will be difficult for him to represent the family in any capacity as his presence would overshadow the work of the monarchy. In these situations, the monarchy tends to take precedence over the family,” mentioned the aide.

A supply instructed The Sunday Times that Prince Andrew is “spending time working out how he can serve his country and support the monarchy in the future, and what else he might want to do with his life.”

“He’s locked down at Royal Lodge [his home on the Queen’s Windsor estate], thinking about his future service and public role. He has some clear thoughts,” the insider added.

“He’s very sensitive to the public mood and acutely conscious that the public are the most important stakeholder. He feels he has support from the family, very much so, including all his siblings and his parents,” they added. 

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