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Princess Diana’s buddy says Martin Bashir made her ‘paranoid’ with ‘tissue of lies’: report



Princess Diana’s friend says Martin Bashir made her ‘paranoid’ with ‘tissue of lies’: report

One of Princess Diana’s closet mates Rosa Monckton claims the princess solely turned ‘paranoid’ as a result of Martin Bashir fed her a ‘tissue of lies’.

According to the buddy, Mr. Bashir held such a agency “grip” over Princess Diana and ended up “cynically exploiting her vulnerability.”

Ms. Monckton additionally defined to The Mirror how Princess Diana was coaxed into believing “an appalling tissue of lies that would undermine her ­confidence in friends, family and courtiers”.

She added, “I am convinced all these heightened ­anxieties and ludicrous allegations came as a direct result of the conspiratorial fantasies Bashir used to lure her. He was cunning to tell Diana close friends were briefing against her.”

“This made it impossible for her to turn to them for advice. That’s why, I imagine, Diana never told me about the programme.”

Near the top of her life Diana was left a shell of her former self and have become closely “obsessed with plots.”

“There wasn’t even a glimpse of the level-headed, fun-loving and compassionate person… It was the worst of her.”

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