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Princess Diana’s ex Hasnat Khan ‘furious’ at Martin Bashir as he breaks silence after years



Princess Diana’s ex Hasnat Khan ‘furious’ at Martin Bashir as he breaks silence after years

Princess Diana’s former boyfriend Hasnat Khan has damaged his silence after years and are available out all weapons blazing in opposition to BBC’s notorious journalist, Martin Bashir.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the Pakistan-born coronary heart surgeon stated he had met Bashir with the late Princess of Wales and had discovered their interplay to be fairly uncomfortable.

“Almost from the word go he started asking me the most direct personal questions about Diana and our relationship. Why didn’t we get married, when were we going to get married? That kind of thing. It was intimate stuff,” he stated in an interview given to the paper this week.

“He seemed to be saying that their success as a Muslim and a western woman could be a role model for us. I started off being embarrassed — Diana and I had not known each other long and we had never discussed marriage. But then I got angry. It was impertinent of this man I didn’t know to speak like this to us,” Khan stated.

“I looked in vain at Diana thinking she’d say something but she didn’t. I wanted to tell him to shut up, that it was none of his business but felt I couldn’t. I didn’t say anything. Instead I got up and said I had to go back to work and walked out,” he went on to say.

He stated that he later knowledgeable Diana throughout their name that he “didn’t like him, didn’t trust him and that she should have nothing more to do with him.”

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