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Princess Diana ‘ripped up floorboards’ to see if she was being spied on: report



Princess Diana ‘ripped up floorboards’ to see if she was being spied on: report

Princess Diana was so badly manipulated at one level that she ended up considering she was being spied on and in an try to seek out the reality, ripped up floorboards and even unscrewed phone ends.

This declare has been introduced ahead by Paul Burrell, the brains behind the ITV documentary The Diana Interview: Revenge Of A Princess. He defined, “The princess did suspect that she was being adopted, that she was being watched.”

Even Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton agreed with Mr. Burrell’s declare and defined to The Mirror, “She actually was very involved in regards to the Secret Services, about MI5, about MI6.”

“There have been weird issues occurring inside households of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Her bodyguard – Ken Wharf – he felt that he was being adopted.”

“Her confidant Richard Kay, the Daily Mail journalist – he was burgled several times and he took to employing a private detective. my own office was broken into. But there was a catalogue of things.”

“She was under surveillance,” Mr. Morton went on to say, “Whether it was cellphone hacking, spying… there have been events the place we pulled up the floorboards and unscrewed the top of the telephones to see if there have been any listening units.

Despite agreeing with Mr. Burrell’s premis nonetheless, Mr. Morton did refute any potential paranoia on the princess’s half. “The princess wasn’t paranoid, but she was concerned.”

“If Diana knew about the documents, they would have been proof positive that there were machinations against her or against her family and elsewhere. And they would underscore the credibility of Martin Bashir, who was insinuating himself into her life.”

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