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Princess Diana ‘hated’ Prince Charles, solely needed to see William take the throne



Princess Diana ‘hated’ Prince Charles, only wanted to see William take the throne

Princess Diana had a rocky marriage with Prince Charles from the very begin and the late royal had expressed her challenges at quite a few completely different events.

In the documentary Diana: The Truth Behind the Interview, it was revealed that the then-editor of The Daily Telegraph, Sir Max Hastings was instructed by the Princess of Wales how she really felt about her husband.

Three months previous to her bombshell Panorama interview, Hastings and Diana had a heart-to-heart dialog.

He defined: “I spent the best part of a couple of hours with Diana and she put on a wonderful show. It was absolutely gripping stuff.”

“It became clear, first of all, how much she hated Charles … yes, she did hate Charles. When I said ‘were there ever happy times?’, she said ‘no, the marriage was hell from day one,” he stated.

“I was amazed by the frankness and the directness with which she said that,” he added.

“She said that all she cared about was William’s succession to the throne and she said to me, quite explicitly, ‘I don’t think Charles can do it.’ The outcome she wanted to see was for Charles to stand aside as heir … and for William to occupy the throne. This was pretty dynamic stuff,” the editor stated.

He finally determined to carry the interview again and never publish.

“I felt that my job was to try and help them keep a lid on the worst of this, rather than to lift it off,” he stated.

“Diana said a lot of stuff on several occasions which I thought [was] for the fairies. She asked me what I knew about a conspiracy to sort of have her put down. I said … it sounded absolutely crazy to me,” he continued.

“But she, I think, did believe this sort of stuff and it was one of many, many things that made one feel so desperately sorry for her … this sense of vulnerability,” he added.

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