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Prince Philip, Thomas Markle’s well being may endure after Meghan, Harry interview



Prince Philip, Thomas Markle’s health could suffer after Meghan, Harry interview

The Markle clan is simply as nervous about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview because the British royal household. 

Half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex, Samantha Markle spoke to Sunday Mirror and revealed how the couple’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey could result in severe damaging affect on the well being of each their father Thomas Markle and Prince Philip.

“It’s stressful to have someone making this drama and personal affronts on the family at a time when he’s so fragile,” mentioned Samantha.

“My dad could die at any time but it doesn’t seem to matter to Meghan. All that seems to matter to her is she gets her way. She’s like a bull in a china shop,” she continued.

“The royal family welcomed Meg in and were so gracious. Now she’s acting like they’re the problem,” she mentioned.

“For her to turn on them now feels like such a slap in the face, but I did once say ‘if she’ll do this to our family, she’ll do this to yours’ and I’ve been proven right,” she shared.

“They shouldn’t be surprised because my father gave Meg everything she has but she treated him exactly the same way. I’m sure it will have affected their family and hurt them deeply, just as it has ours,” she added.

About what she thinks Meghan will say in her explosive interview with Oprah, Samantha mentioned: “I’m sure Meghan will play the victim and blame us for everything.”

“It’s simpler than apologising and acknowledging her personal errors. Clips I’ve seen seem like gaslighting at its most interesting,” she mentioned.

“She talks of empowering girls, however what concerning the voice of her sister in a wheelchair? Or her father who had two coronary heart assaults? Or the voices of Prince Philip and the Queen? The one voices she cares about are ones that reward her,” she added. 

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