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Prince Philip precipitated outrage after claiming royal coffers had been emptying



Prince Philip caused outrage after claiming royal coffers were emptying

Prince Philip has at all times been a little bit of a controversial determine within the British royal household because of his outspoken nature.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s unfiltered persona as soon as landed him in an excessive amount of hassle with Queen Elizabeth II who was left humiliated after her husband mentioned they had been going broke.

Back in 1969, Prince Philip travelled to the United States throughout the interval when the royal household was bent on showing approachable and visual.

Royal writer Ben Pimlott wrote in his guide, The Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth II: “Cynics detected [a] motive behind Buckingham Palace’s sudden interest in raising the monarch’s public profile: money.”

The duke in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, admitted that the monarchy’s coffers had been emptying up.

“We go into the red next year, now, inevitably if nothing happens we shall have to – I don’t know, we may have to move into smaller premises. For instance, we had a small yacht which we had to sell, and I shall have to give up polo fairly soon…” he had mentioned.

Royal writer Sarah Bradford wrote in her guide, Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times, how the general public had reacted to the careless assertion by Philip.

“Prince Philip’s remarks ensured bombshell headlines: complaints from a rich man about having to give up luxuries like yachts and polo made the worst possible public impression,” she wrote. 

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