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Prince Harry ‘can no longer cope’ with mapped out US life-style: report



Prince Harry ‘can no longer cope’ with mapped out US lifestyle: report

Prince Harry has been dubbed akin to a caged fowl throughout his time in US by consultants.

This declare was introduced ahead by royal biographer Angela Levin. During certainly one of her segments with talkRADIO listeners she make clear the Duke’s present predicament.

She was even quoted saying, “Poor Harry can’t really do it because he’s spontaneous. I still like him very much in spite of what he’s done. He’s spontaneous, it comes from his heart. She’s got it all prepared, she’s an actress after all.”

“At some point, you have to show your real life not always the acting up. I’ve noticed that both she and Harry have a new intonation when they speak. They say a sentence, long pause, another sentence, long pause. Then they give three reasons why something is good. I find it all to be so formulaic.”

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