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Poor nations would possibly get COVID-19 vaccine in February, says WHO



Poor countries might get COVID-19 vaccine in February, says WHO

GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) hopes that the coronavirus  vaccine  will likely be offered to poor and decrease middle-income nations in February.

WHO Senior Adviser Bruce Aylward on Monday stated that the WHO will  have the ability to launch COVID-19 vaccines in poor and decrease middle-income nations in February by its COVAX programme.

“Over 40 countries have now begun vaccinating against COVID-19. However all of that vaccination, or virtually all, was in high income or middle income countries so far,” he stated. “We have got to see vaccines going into arms in lower and lower-middle income countries.”

He stated the COVAX programme may start vaccinating individuals in February, and there was an effort to hurry it up so some vaccinations in poor nations may happen this month.

The United Nations have doubled  its orders  to the vaccine-producing firms  beneath the COVAX programme.

Meanwhile, Palestine has contacted 4 vaccine-producing firms, together with a Russian for  getting the vaccine.

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