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Piers Morgan believes ‘The Crown’s’ depiction of the Queen is ‘grotesquely unfair’



Piers Morgan believes ‘The Crown’s’ depiction of the Queen is ‘grotesquely unfair’

Piers Morgan believes Queen Elizabeth’s depiction in The Crown is “grotesquely unfair” and humiliating.

Morgan believes, “We’re shown the ins and outs of the family in ‘devastating, graphic, painful detail’, with some elements, naturally, embellished all in the name of good storytelling.”

Morgan’s disdain for The Crown has elevated in mild of the latest episodes, for it reveals “both Diana and Charles in an incredibly unflattering light.”

In his column entry on the Daily Mail the previous tabloid editor claimed, “She is depicted as a delusional, needy, childish, embarrassingly naïve, petulant and slightly bonkers bulimic, and he as a sour, resentful, cruel, nasty, poisonous, whiny, monstrous and ultimately loathsome piece of work.”

Whereas, “Meanwhile, the Queen comes across as a cold, heartless and inhuman woman incapable of showing any empathy to the couple as their marriage disintegrate.”

He concluded by including, “I happen to know this last slur is grotesquely unfair to Her Majesty because Diana told me herself that the Queen had always been very supportive towards her and was ‘a great listener’.”

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