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Marvel followers weigh in chance of an all-female Avengers movie



Marvel fans weigh in possibility of an all-female Avengers film

While many people have rooted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the reason that daybreak of time, it has principally been a male-dominated membership.

However, that modified considerably in Avengers: Endgame the place we noticed the baton being handed on to lots of the ladies superheroes.

Subsequent to that, many Marvel buffs have been pining for an all-female Avengers movie. However, some followers are nonetheless a bit skeptical, if studies are to be believed.

Letitia Wright who performs Shuri in Black Panther had spoken concerning the chance as soon as, saying: “As long as there’s an organic reason for there to be an all-female group. I don’t want all these female heroes to be shoehorned into a movie, just for the sake of feminism.”

Some followers on Reddit had been in settlement with the aforementioned assertion as they wished for the movie to make sense within the storyline of MCU and never seem pressured.

“I appreciate what they were trying to do with that ‘girls get the job done’ moment in Endgame, but it felt too shoehorned and unnatural. If they can find a way for it to feel natural and make sense then I’ll be watch it on day one,” one fan wrote.

“Even if the ratio of women to men was higher and not all female I think it could still be interesting. We had 5 males and one female in the first avengers so if they could find a compelling story in the comics to pull it off and make it fit in the universe instead of just throwing it in to do it then yeah fine,” added one other.

“Token male would be hilarious. And I do like what someone suggested up thread with Ant-man being that guy. EVERYONE loves Paul Rudd. And he’s the perfect dude to just happen to be in the vicinity and willing to help in any way he can,” a 3rd fan urged. 

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