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Lukas Gage slams director for disrespecting his residence in Zoom audition: ‘It’s unmuted’



Lukas Gage slams director for disrespecting his apartment in Zoom audition: ‘It’s unmuted’

Euphoria star Lukas Gage just lately put a mortified director out on blast after he insulted the scale of his residence throughout a Zoom audition.

An Instagram web page posted the explosive change over on Instagram and the star started trending on social media quickly after.

In the clip the director could be heard saying, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments. Like, I’m looking at his background and he’s got his TV and, you know—”

But no ahead of that may Lucas could be heard, reminding the director, “You’re not muted. I know it’s a shitty apartment. Give me this job so I can get a better one….Listen, I’m living in a four by four box. It’s fine.”

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