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Liam Hemsworth, Gabriella Brooks hoping to begin a household quickly?



Liam Hemsworth, Gabriella Brooks hoping to start a family soon?

Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth appears to be getting critical along with his girlfriend Gabriella Brooks.

According to the most recent replace on the lovebirds, the Aussie hunk, 30, appears to be prepared for marriage as soon as once more after his earlier one with Miley Cyrus got here to a drastic finish solely inside months.

According to a supply cited by HollywoodLife, Hemsworth “feels like he found the perfect woman in Gabby and they’re only growing closer as time goes on.”

“Gabby gets along amazing with Liam’s family and she spends so much time with them including joining along on girls’ only outings and parties with his loved ones,” they went on to say.

“Liam spends almost all of his free time with Gabby and he really couldn’t ask for anything more in a girlfriend,” the supply continued.

“They made the decision to not follow each other on social media at this point because they enjoy staying out of the public eye. That was one thing Liam couldn’t avoid in his past relationship and one of the key factors he’s enjoying about dating Gabby. Plus, the pace of life in Byron Bay and being around family is exactly what he’s wanted for so long,” they went on to say.

“Gabby also celebrated New Year’s Eve at a costume party with some of Liam’s family and closest friends who she very much considers her own at this point,” the insider mentioned.

“Chris [Hemsworth] and his wife Elsa, Luke [Hemsworth] and his wife, Samantha, were all there and they had an amazing time decked out for the cosmic pirates theme. Liam loves that she gets along with his crew so well and he can’t wait to see where things progress in 2021,” they mentioned.

“Liam‘s family is so happy that he’s dating Gabby. Her being from Australia is a blessing for them because it makes it more likely Liam will stick around. It was hard on his parents when he lived in LA because it’s so far away.”

“He’s bought a house in Byron Bay now and they are hoping to see him settle down and maybe even start a family soon. They are all about family and they’re beyond happy to have all their boys back home. When life gets back to normal Liam will spend time in the U.S. again because his work demands it but the family is hoping that he will still keep Australia as his main home base,” the grapevine added. 

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