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Katie Value touches on the progress of her autism petition: ‘We’re practically there”



Katie Price touches on the progress of her autism petition: ‘We're nearly there"

Katie Value opens up about her plans for sectioning folks with autism “in a just light.”

The TV character make clear her plans throughout an interview on FUBAR Radio and was quoted saying, “I think I’m going to start another petition now about the sectioning about autism and people with disabilities.”

“It is completely different to mental health yet there’s over 2,000 people with autism who are sectioned and they’re in the wrong place. They shouldn’t be sectioned. So I might start a petition about that. I’m just looking into it more. And obviously I would just want to make people aware, treat us all the same.”

Value has been petitioning for Havery’s Regulation since 2017 and has already turned in the direction of the Home of Commons Petitions Committee.

She concluded by saying, “You know, when you’re a celebrity, I hate that word, it just goes to prove like with the trolling campaign, you can use your power to create something good. So like this online trolling, trying to make it a criminal offense. It’s been three years now since I’ve done the petition and we’re nearly there.”

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