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Katherine Schwarzenegger touches on postpartum melancholy alongside Nikki, Brie Bella



Katherine Schwarzenegger touches on postpartum depression alongside Nikki, Brie Bella

Katherine Schwarzenegger sits down with Bella twins, Nikki and Brie, to debate the scary actuality behind postpartum melancholy (PPD) and its harmful influence on a brand new mom.

After welcoming their child boys solely days aside, the sisters informed Schwarzenegger they’re nonetheless discovering it laborious t modify to the “realities” of postpartum melancholy, and what it entails, throughout an Instagram stay interview.

Brie, specifically, was hit means more durable with PPD as in comparison with her sister. During her dialog with Katherine Schwarzenegger, she was quoted saying how, “‘You get this FOMO of the outdated you” for “who you were before pregnancy, who you were before your child came into your life.”

However, “you’re too embarrassed to say it out loud, ’cause then everyone’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, do you hate your baby?’ And you’re like, ‘No, I just [miss] my old life.’ “

Brie went on to say, “I think I was trying to keep up with my sister to not lose that part of me when I should’ve just let go and really enjoyed motherhood more with Birdie like I’m doing now with Buddy” but “instead of trying to just not let go of who I was before Bird came into my life.”

Nikki chimed in at that second and admitted how she started to grasp her sister’s struggles higher after changing into a mom herself and that, regardless that she is now “doing better”, she nonetheless has “days where I struggle” with bouts of PPD.

Yet she is grateful to be, “out of the dark hole. I was like on a cliff, about to be pushed over to go into a super place, but now I’m in a place that’s so much better.”

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