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Kate Middleton ‘wasn’t terribly positive’ of Prince William throughout relationship



Kate Middleton 'wasn't terribly sure' of Prince William during relationship

 Kate Middleton and Price William’s  relationship is definitely praise-worthy however it wasn’t all the time that simple as Kate, at one level,  “wasn’t terribly sure” about  William earlier than their marriage. 

According to a Windsors podcast in 2019, Kate “wasn’t sure if she was interested in William” once they first met at St Andrews’ University.

Former CNN royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter elaborated that Kate, on the time, was in a relationship with one other man “who by all accounts was a nice man and was ahead of Kate in terms of school years”.

The boyfriend had left the college earlier than the Duchess did in 2005.

Arbiter stated that whereas William on the time confirmed curiosity Kate, alternatively, was not “terribly sure”.

“Prince William, he kind of expressed a bit of interest but I think Kate was still playing hard to get. She wasn’t terribly sure if she was interested,” she stated.

Meanwhile royal creator Andrew Morton, referring to the couple’s 2007 breakup, stated that William believed “he could do better”.

Speaking in Japan FM, Morton stated {that a} “storm had been brewing for a long time” as William was reluctant to commit and “that his friends noted he could do better”.

Following their separation William “realised very quickly what he had given up” and seemed to renew his relationship with Kate.

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