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Jason Momoa struggles with elevating son after rising up with out a father



Jason Momoa struggles with raising son after growing up without a father

Jason Momoa is one in all Hollywood’s most iconic stars and whereas he has confronted monetary hardships up to now, nothing terrifies him greater than elevating his son to be a valued member of society.

The actor touched upon his personal insecurities round parenting throughout his interview with InStyle journal. There the star even admitted, “I did not know what it takes to be a dad.”

Momoa additionally touched upon his goals as a father and defined how he by no means “needs to only inform my son, ‘Because I mentioned so,'” regarding any topic. “I actually need to join, and I need him to be susceptible and open.”

The idea of being open sufficient to share emotions is one factor Momoa hopes to instill into his son early on. “I’m a warrior, and I will lay it down. But I’m also the first one to say, ‘I have a lot of problems, and I want to be able to correct those problems.'”

Momoa even touched upon the hazards of embracing poisonous masculinity, since, on the finish of the day, “we all have the feminine and the male side in us, and we need to embrace both.”

“Pink is just a beautiful color,” he additionally admitted to the publication. “And I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a [expletive] what anyone thinks.”

He concluded by saying, “I’m amping myself up all day long, and then my nervous system doesn’t know that I’m not lopping people’s heads off. For me to relax and sit still is next to impossible.”

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