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Gwyneth Paltrow sheds mild on her ‘uncomfortable’ relationship with fame



Gwyneth Paltrow sheds light on her ‘uncomfortable’ relationship with fame

Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow lately make clear her “uncomfortable” relationship with fame and being within the public eye.

According to IANS, Paltrow opened up about her choice to depart appearing behind in pursuit of a more true calling throughout a latest chat.

She admitted, “I think lot of that also comes from the fact that I and this is something that I think I realised later in life like I actually haven’t been that comfortable being a public person or being in front of the camera even though I’ve done it for so long. There’s a part of me that really feels shy and doesn’t feel like I’m naturally an extrovert …”

“I started doing it so young … I went for a long time before I asked myself like do I like this job? Am I comfortable doing this? Do I want to be an actor?”

She concluded by saying, “Someone said what is it going to take to get you acting again? And I said I have to be ‘[expletive]’ the writer!’ ‘But that’s sort of it if my husband writes something and he wants me to do it then I’ll do it. I could never say never. I would like to go back on stage one day I really loved doing theatre.”

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