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Gray’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl recollects her previous regrets: ‘I let my mind run rampant’



Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl recalls her past regrets: ‘I let my mind run rampant’

Gray’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl not too long ago sat down for a candid chat andshed mild on her previous regrets on the present.

The actor opened up about her overwhelming regrets throughout an interview with PEOPLE journal and was even quoted saying, I do not suppose you get by life with none regrets. However you possibly can create some goal from it.”

Again in 2007 Heigl started her battle in opposition to the business, just because she determined to withdraw her title from the Emmys. cause being that she “did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant” a nomination.

Pertaining to that 2007 blunder the actor admits, “I do know there’s a greater option to cope with these issues than I did. I may have dealt with it with extra grace. I do not really remorse leaving Gray’s Anatomy — I did the proper factor for me and for my household — however I do remorse the heightened drama I used to be feeling at the moment.”

Heigl went on to say, “If I’d known anything about meditation then, or had been talking to a therapist or someone to help me through some of the fear that I was steeped in, I think I would have been more calm in how I approached what boundaries I needed to create to thrive.”

“I certainly regret not learning earlier how to manage my anxiety better. Living at that heightened level of anxiety … created a defensiveness in me and wariness and assuming that people were against me. I let my mind run rampant without the tools to properly manage that.”

“The last five years has been really about learning how to manage that anxiety and to control my own thoughts. I learned that not managing stress leads to not dealing with negativity or frustration or disappointment in the proper way.”

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