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Dua Lipa slams the paparazzi’s therapy of Britney Spears again within the day



Dua Lipa slams the paparazzi’s treatment of Britney Spears back in the day

After witnessing New York Occasions documentary Framing Britney Spears Dua Lipa seems to be in shock over the sensational maintain tabloids had on Britney Spears again within the day.

The singer informed the Los Angeles Occasions, “The sensation of taking place the road and so they’re attempting to catch you on this very awkward image — it may be anxiety-inducing, truthfully.”

“Britney’s time was pre-Instagram when everything was purely about the tabloids, and there were no laws in place about what paparazzi were allowed to do. She was being harassed — that’s exactly what it was.”

Throughout her interview she additionally referenced her private efforts to make sure her personal life was protected from public consumption and added, “I’ve grown to be more private because so much of my life is public, and I probably censor myself more than I used to. I also don’t love the idea of making music for headlines or for controversy.”

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