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Busta Rhymes needs to compete with Eminem



Busta Rhymes wants to compete with Eminem

Machine Gun Kelly, a very long time admirer of the Detroit rapper,  turned in opposition to him after passing disrespectful remarks about his daughter.

The Detroit native has been praised by one other rapper who needs to problem him. 

According to stories, Eminem and Jay-Z have been named as potential Verzuz opponents by rapper Busta Rhymes.

During an interview with Complex when he was requested who he wish to face within the Verzus ring, a US webcast sequence which artists in opposition to one another in a rap battle type format on Instagram Live and Apple Music, he stated “I would love to spar against anybody,” Busta replied. “As lengthy as their catalogue is a robust catalogue as a result of I don’t need to do a corny Verzuz.

He added, “I don’t wanna do no Verzuz with anybody whose catalogue isn’t crazy. And I would love to do a Verzuz with somebody that I’m a fan of because I’m only trying to compete with somebody that brings the best out of me.”

He continued: “I’d like to do a Verzuz with Eminem, I’d like to do a Verzuz with Lil Wayne. I’d like to do a Verzuz with Hov.

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