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BTS’s RM rings within the New Year with emotional poetry: ‘It crushed our dreams’



BTS’s RM rings in the New Year with emotional poetry: ‘It crushed our dreams’

Much to the thrill of ARMYs, BTS’s RM launched his personal 2020 farewell poem in essentially the most emotional of the way.

The singer make clear all of it on the location Weverse. There he wrote, “2020 is ending. We all had high expectations for the year, as special as it sounded. But it ended up crushing our dreams. A stage without an audience. The performances without the cheers.”

“Yesterday and the day before… I sat in the chair inside the studio’s waiting room and kept thinking. How could this be? Could this really be? I guess I do really live in a world where the most nonsense things make sense.”

Looking again at intricacies of 2020 he added, “Like a stream of water that flows between boulders, exhaustion and despair came seeping into our lives. And we feel like we have to fight against it — by getting out of our seats. But we’re told over and over to stay where we are, still and stagnant.”

“So in the meanwhile, I read a lot of books. I tried new things, the online way. I worked out at home. I tried delivery food. Like everyone else, I spent the year doing all kinds of things that I could find possible within the confinement of my room. And it’s still ongoing.”

“Time keeps going, in one way or another. We’ve survived the year that felt like an eternity. Now we wait for spring. It’s coming, right? Will this spring be better than the one we had? And we try not to expect anything because we don’t want to be let down… But we’re only human and we can only go on when we hang on to even the slightest bit of hope.”

“And so I remind myself of the countless people who have offered their love and support for me — even in this blistering winter. I promise myself that I won’t be discouraged so easily. Even when it feels like there is no one, I am listening.”

“For this year, I thought I’d try to be more concise and composed in my letter… but seeing from how my thoughts have poured out, I’m not ready to be — like a wise old tree. No matter how hard I try to trim my thoughts down, I can’t stop the words, the imaginations from branching out from the back of my head. And I feel like I have to at least reach out and try sharing… I guess this is simply who I am. I’ve been told by the elders that I’m darned to be this way. “Darned” to go my approach till I discover myself happy. Haha.”

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