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BTS Suga thinks he has extra potential as a singer



BTS Suga thinks he has more potential as a singer

BTS Suga just lately make clear his need to ‘bloom’ into and showcase his true potential to ARMYs.

The singer make clear all of it throughout his interview within the Break The Silence: The Movie. There Suga and his band mates touched on their joys, struggles and fears a bunch.

He was quoted saying, “Honestly, I think I’ve shown about half of my potential. There’s still a lot I can do. Maybe it’s because I like plot twists, but there’s nothing like showing something I’ve never revealed before that elicits an immediate response.”

Throughout his time within the leisure business, Suga was capable of dip his ft into quite a few genres of music, from R&B to ballad, dance, trot and even hi-hop.

He defined, “The dance performance during ‘Seesaw’ is one example. There are so many things you can do. I could suddenly start doing rock music though I’m not a rock musician. Or even trot music…oh I’ve already done that.”

With infinite prospects now in entrance of him, Suga claimed, “Anyway, I can show so many more things, and there are so many genres in the world. There are many things I can show because there are so many things I can choose from.”

He concluded by saying, “You never know, right? As I grow older, I could be working on stage productions or visual productions. If I show various different sides, I guess there’d be a lot more for me to show.”

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