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Ayaz Sadiq ‘stands by Abhinandan assertion’



Ayaz Sadiq 'stands by Abhinandan statement'

Days after his controversial remarks within the National Assembly on the discharge of Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, PML-N chief Ayaz Sadiq on Saturday mentioned he had not made any “irresponsible statement” and stood by the feedback he had handed within the National Assembly.

“I stand by my stance. In the coming days, you will see that Pakistan has a clear message for India: that we as the Pakistani nation are one. We have political differences, but we are one against India,” mentioned the previous NA speaker in a press convention.

He was flanked by Pakistan Democratic Movement chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who had referred to as on him at his (Sadiq’s) residence.

Sadiq claimed that he was aware about “many secrets” as he used to go the National Security Committee of Parliament, however by no means gave any “irresponsible statement and will never give” one.

“We are political people. We have given statements against our political opponents and will keep on giving such statements,” mentioned the PML-N chief

Talking in regards to the label of traitor slapped on him, Sadiq mentioned: “Neither do I have the right to call anyone a traitor, nor does anyone else have the right to call me one.”

“As a society, we have all kinds of opinions, but we are all Pakistanis [at the end of the day],” mentioned the PML-N chief. He added that India won’t reach its plans

“Our political thinking can be different; but when it comes to Pakistan, the Pakistani nation is united,” mentioned the previous NA speaker.

He added that folks can disagree along with his assertion, however the “colour” being given to it doesn’t profit Pakistan.

“They tried to link my statement to the Pakistan Army. [This] was not helpful for Pakistan,” mentioned the PML-N chief.

He once more confused that he had spoken towards the federal government in his assertion.

“Political parties will only agree with you when it comes to Pakistan,” he said, addressing the government. “Please keep Pakistan Army out of this fight.”

He alleged that the federal government had performed into the arms of the Indian media and didn’t do justice to Pakistan.

Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s go to

Talking in regards to the go to of the PDM chief, Sadiq mentioned that it was not linked to the assertion he made within the NA and had been deliberate “10 days ago”.

Meanwhile, PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman thanked Sadiq for the invitation.

“In our country, there should be limits to our differences,” mentioned the PDM chief, including that he the opposition holds the best to a distinction of opinion and does so on precept.

“But we [do not need] certificates of patriotism from them,” mentioned Fazl, quipping that it was an indication of the End of Times that folks from the Muslim League have been being labelled as traitors.

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