‘Infinity War’ directors speak about their future with MCU

Russo brothers recently sat for an interview to discuss their future with MCU.

The also talked about their current projects and whether they would ever return to make a superhero film.

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, the iconic directors behind “Avengers: Endgame”, “Infinity War” and Captain America films, told Esquire they are currently focusing on other projects since after the launch of Endgame, the last film in the Avengers saga.

Following the Endgame launch last year, the directors are working on Netflix’s Extraction, an action packed film featuring “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth.

“Extraction”, a John Wick inspired film, is directed by Marvel stuntman Sam Hargrave.

For fans who are wondering whether they would ever return to MCU and make a superhero epic one day, Joe said “”We adore Kevin [Feige], Lou [D’Esposito], Victoria [Alonso] and everyone at Marvel, and we’re always looking for another opportunity to work together,” Joe said. “When the right one comes along, I’m sure we’ll all go make it.”

Anthony said their work on two last Avengers films led them to a blank canvas when it came to future work with Mavrel.

“One of the reasons we were able to do what we did with both Infinity War and Endgame is because we were not thinking about the future of the MCU at all. We had complete and utter focus on closing out the road that had been travelled that far, in the most spectacular, emotionally fulfilling, cathartic, surprising way we could think of,” he said.


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