Demi Lovato urges people to seek help for mental health issues amid lockdown

Demi Lovato urges people to seek help for mental health issues amid lockdown

Demi Lovato has urged people to open up about their struggles with mental health ailments, specifically during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 27-year-old singer had earlier announced that she is launching a Mental Health Fund to reach out to the people battling with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

According to Daily Mail, the former Disney star has already raised around $2 million through her fund, which she will donate to certain organisations that are providing online counselling sessions to the public.

“Anxiety, depression, isolation, domestic violence, substance abuse, eating disorder, financial stress and grief. The mental health impacts of COVID 19 will outlast the virus,” Demi wrote in her recent Instagram post.

“So many have been left alone with their thoughts, their anxieties, their abusers – and are struggling with the uncertainty of these times. That is why I am helping to launch #TheMentalHealthFund to support organizations who are meeting the increased demand in crisis counseling due to COVID-19. You are not alone. Help is fast, free and available 24/7,” she added.

Speaking to People, Demi further said that seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

“Oftentimes our society tells us that if we ask for help, we are weak. But the strongest thing someone can do is take that first step in getting help, whatever shape or form that is,” she said.

Demi has always been vocal about her battle with anxiety, depression, substance abuse that led to a fatal overdose encounter, and her journey towards sobriety. 


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